ANSI Single Pitch

Browse Mechanidrive's huge selection of single pitch ANSI roller chains in sizes 40 thru 240.  These are the most commonly used chains in the chain and sprocket drive system industry.  Single pitch ANSI chains come in single strand to quadruple strand for mating roller sprockets.  We stock every size in stainless steel, carbon steel and nickel plating for every atmospheric conditions imaginable.  These chains are so versatile and come in the largest variety of design styles including Hollow Pins, Attachment configurations, Self lubricated, Sidebow, Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty types. our single pitch roller chains are from the world's top manufacturers and last twice as long as other brands of roller chains because of the advanced technology used to combine durability and strength of a solid bushing.  Solid bushings means precise and better contact between the pin and bushing resulting in a longer lasting chain. Each numerical chain size has a standard pitch size which is measured from the center of the roller pins from adjoining links. Find all your single pitch roller chains at Mechanidrive.