Bearing Components

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Mechanidrive carries a diverse line bearing replacement accessories that enable unmounted and mounted bearings to work properly.  Bearings are known for being durable heavy load and speed carrying components in many machines types.  Typically failures will happen to their secondary components well before the actual bearing unit itself.  You can count on Mechanidrive to get you those replacement components fast. Adapter sleeve units are complete bearing shaft mounted units also known as Sleeve, Nut and Washer assemblies and are a vital shaft locking component allowing the bearing to turn freely without direct contact with shaft which in turn prevents damage and failure. Even these complete adapter assemblies have separate components which can be purchased to save money on costly repair units and complete replacement of the adapter assembly.  Mechanidrive sells bearing components like Withdrawal Sleeves, Locknuts, Lockwashers and Thrust Washers individually so you don't have to pay the unnecessary cost of having to buy a complete adapter unit.  An effective way to lock the bearing in place whether using a housing or a shaft mount application is a locking shaft collar.  These collars hold the bearing in place against the shaft by tightening of a set screw which makes positive contact with the shaft ultimately preventing slippage.  In mounted application bearings are held in place by using stabilizing components that fit into the housing bore holding the outer surfaces of the bearing to a full contact with the housing body.  Stab rings and Triple Lip Sealing Rings are the last component to round off a complete mounting assembly unit for spherical and cylindrical roller bearings. Rely on Mechanidrive for all your mounted and unmounted bearings and bearing components to complete your assemblies.