Fasteners & Hardware

Choose from a variety of sizes, types and materials of fasteners and hardware at Mechanidrive. Although our main stocking warehouse is in Chicago we ship from 7 additional strategically located distribution centers throughout the United States to get you the fasteners you need fast! We stock over 20,000 metric and imperial(inch) sizes for every possible combination of application. Additionally, you can browse our selection of standard duty and heavy-duty hex head bolts or carriage bolts for the toughest of jobs. Need threaded rods and studs? Then shop our diverse selection of drill rods, steel threaded rods, stainless threaded rods and grade 7 steel threaded studs. Don’t worry we have the component nuts to match your bolts. Whether you need hex nuts, jam nuts, acorn head nuts or nylon insert lock-nuts we have them ready to ship today! For specialty applications like woodworking and construction our line of concrete screws, drywall screws, deck screws, particle board screws and timber bolts will securely fasten all of your building materials securely and safety. Have some hard-to-find fasteners? Check out our structural bolts, plow bolts, elevator bolts as well as SEMS machine screws. No fastener would be complete without the hardware that protects both your fasteners the materials your fastening in place. We have thousands of flat washers, split lock washers, fender washers, dowel pins and cotter pins to lock those fasteners in their rightful place. Shop Mechanidrive for all your commercial, industrial and personal fastening jobs now!