No matter your industry gear products from Mechanidrive are guaranteed to supply the necessary torque to increase the efficiency of automated systems, overall machine speeds and turning direction. Gears are used in a slew of mechanical devices and tools. They perform multiple functions but their most important job is to provide reduction in motorized equipment. Gears are key to small motor powered tools because they provide enough speed in short bursts to power devices but they lack the torque to move components in larger parts. For example, in the case of power driven screwdriver which has a larger gear reduction due to the fact it needs significant energy to turn screws into materials but its motor only generates a limited amount of torque at a very high speed. By using a gear in the screwdriver, it allows the output speed to be reduced while increasing the driving tools overall torque. Mechanidrive's gears are precision machined, tooth hardened and come on many diametral pitches, bore sizes and teeth counts. Using tooth-on-tooth Spur Gears and Miter Gears will effectively control the operation of machinery. Spur gears are the perfect straight tooth component to control and rotate integral parts in printing presses and small electrical tools. Mechanidrive stocks both A-Type hubless(flat face) spur gears and B-Type hub mounted spur gears and can machine any size bore and keyway detail you need. Change Gears are primarily used in tools requiring variable cutting speeds while running at constant speed inputs. Change gears allow operators to easily change out from different shaft sizes without any machining by using any a Change Gear Bushing that is designed in multiple shaft size combinations. Adding a Gear Rack enables processes that requires bidirectional control limitations like automotive steering assemblies. Bevel Gear assemblies transfer power to multi-axle operations like printing presses, power tools and air operated vehicles. Count on Mechanidrive for your gearing products and one of the largest ranges of reliable gears for any gear drive application.