Grinding Discs

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Grinding Discs are appropriate for rust removal, post machine deburring, removal of weld excess, sharp edge grinding and uniform blending of weld seams. Ceramic type discs are perfect for cutting of hard materials like stainless steel and carbon steels. Mechanidrive supplies 40 Grit, 60 Grit, 80 Grit and 120 Grit Flap and Grinding style discs for every material imaginable. The design of flap discs has exposed layers of abrasive grit flaps that overlap while they rotate in a uniform manner to provide a consistent grain on their surfaces. Likewise, Aluminum Oxide discs are perfect for softer and harder substrate materials like brass, bronze, aluminum, titanium and stainless steels due to their higher abrasive grits. For a larger variety of surface material finishing using Zirconia Alumina grain discs can be used on wood and soft metals like brass/bronze cast and aluminum where lighter surface material removal is necessary. No matter what the material or application Mechanidrive has the finishing discs you need.