Hand Pads

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Abrasive hand pads from Mechanidrive help you sand, smooth, buff and polish surface material without the need for electric or pneumatic power tools while offering the same functionality. Hand pads provide a mild consistent finish on smaller and odd shaped work pieces. Not only are they a sustainable and economical option to expensive bulky power tools but offer a tear-resistant abrasive non-woven sponge material that can be washed and reused over and over again. Our hand pads come in various colors and depending on your application you can choose from coarse grit pads, fine grit pads, medium grit pads, ultra-fine grit pads and non-abrasive grit pads for the lightest surface imperfections. The pads can be used dry for harsher surfaces or wet for less airborne dust while working. Make projects safe and easy with quality hand pads from Mechanidrive!