Hand Tools

When tough jobs require manual operators to do everything from drill holes, tighten and torque nuts, bolts and screws and drive nails into components that need locking and stability call on Mechanidrive to provide you with the best hand tools in the industry manufactured by Proferred with American Pride in the USA!. So, what is the difference between and hand tool and a power-driven tool? Well simply put hand tools are anything that require manual operation outside of electricity. They are operated by the hands or movements of the hand without cords, batteries or pneumatic power. When driving things into materials like wood, plastic or stone or breaking apart rigid assembled parts that require striking force, the use of a claw hammer, a ball peen hammer, a sledgehammer or a mallet is the tool that gets it done. If your processes require fastening or locking of parts or materials with fasteners like screws, bolts or nuts using hand tools like Phillips tip screwdrivers, slotted head screwdrivers, torx screw drivers, nutdrivers, hex keys, torx keys or spline keys are the perfect tool to help meet your tightening and fastening requirements. Driving tools have a variety of tips and sizes that can be interchanged using adapters and extensions that hold drill bits, hex bits, Phillips style bits and square bits. If your assembly uses hex head bolts or fastening nuts on a bolt or screw count on reliable hand tools like a ratchet and their applicable sockets. In spaces where there are clearance limitations between surfaces and fasteners flat tools like a combination wrench, an adjustable wrench, an open-ended wrench or a crowfoot wrench allows operators to complete their tasks effectively. During manufacturing and fabrication materials tend to reveal sharp edges or burrs as they are cut, drawn or formed. Locking the fabricated parts in a bench vise or yoke vise to hold the part while operators perform filing processes with round files, tungsten files, square files or flat files will ensure a safe and dependable way to perform tasks with precision. Hand tools are less dangerous then pneumatic tools and power tools and will save you money on purchases and replacements as they are a fraction of the cost. Whenever hand tools are required count on Mechanidrve to get you the right tool for the job every time.