Leaf Chain

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When your forklift isn't lifting as smoothly or with the right amount of lift pressure count on Leaf Chains from Mechanidrive to get you running efficiently again.  Leaf chains are unlike any other chain because they have a much greater tensile strength than even the heaviest duty roller chains.  Their unique designs utilize special chain sheaves instead of traditional chain sprockets. You will often find leaf chain or material handling chain being used as a counterweight on elevators, fork lift truck masts, commercial oven doors and in machining tools where balancing is critical. The more common type of leaf chain is BL series chain due to its range of sizes and applications and all new machinery builds or rebuilding that have the older style AL series chain should be replaced with the BL series chain because AL series chain was removed from ANSI B29.8 standards in 1975. Leaf chains are supplied with either female or male connection terminals to allow for the addition of more links. Trust Mechanidrive with all your Leaf Chain jobs!


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