Pulleys & Bushings

Mechanidrive offers pulleys and sheaves for running drive belts in all power transmission systems. A V-Belt Pulley has machined grooves that match the profile of the applicable v-belt style and size. V-belt sheaves are precisely machined from gray cast iron, painted and then statically balanced. Timing Belt Pulleys are a type of synchronous drive pulley with machined teeth matching the tooth profile of the applicable pitch belts. Variable Pitch Pulleys can be adjusted for multi-speed belt systems where changes in speed and torque are required. Each drive belt pulley is furnished in either a stock bore, also called a plain bore with no keyway or setscrew, in QD Flange style or Taperlock bushing style where you will need a Shaft Bushing to mount the pulley or a machine finished bore with standard keyway and a 5/16-18 knurled setscrew for shaft locking. Regardless of the pulley type the use of Shaft Pulley Bushings to lock onto the shaft is the most commonly utilized mounting method. Mechandrive sells a complete line of QD bushings(Quick Disconnect), TL bushings(Taperlock) and Double Split Taper Bushings(H, P, Q styles) where there is a double face split for greater pressure onto the shaft. Our bushings are stocked in thousands of stock bore and finish bore sizes both with and without shaft keyways. All Mechanidrive pulleys and bushings are manufactured to meet or exceed the all ASTM/SAE specifications for gray iron casting. Browse our massive inventory of belt pulleys and bushings for your drive system.