Roller Bearings

Mechanidrive stocks over 5,000 types of roller bearings for commercial and industrial power transmission applications. Cylindrical roller bearings or straight bearings are ideal for applications that require a heavy radial load at relatively high speeds in equipment like compressors, cement mixers, and machine tools. Spherical bearings which are designed with tapered and straight bores are the perfect rolling element where there is severe misalignment and pivoting happens within high radial load applications. Journal bearings are a type of cylindrical bearing that has separable components for easy installation and repair, as well as, a diverse range of bore sizes and rolling elements. They consist of a outer ring, inner ring and a roller assembly. Needle bearings are much smaller and cannot handle heavy loads like spherical bearings or cylindrical bearings. They have inner raceways that serve as raceways with needle rollers uniformly stacked within the inner race itself. They are used in light duty applications like small engines, pumps, compressors and small transmissions. Tapered roller bearings are engineered to carry maximum thrust and radial loads simultaneously in applications that run at slower speeds where the shock load and thrust/radial loads alternate back and forth. Tapered roller bearings are run in sets with combinations of cups and cones can be interchanged based upon tapers and shaft diameters. They can be stacked back-to-back or run as a double cup and cone set for higher loads. alternates between the thrust and radial loads cones and cups, sold separately, combine to help create high-quality tapered roller bearings that can carry maximum radial/thrust loads simultaneously. Browse Mechanidrive large inventory of roller bearings for all your equipment needs.