Seals & Rings

Formerly called our inventory of fluid seals and rings is the largest in the USA! Now selling under Mechanidrive we offer every size and material of fluid seals and fluid sealing ring you will ever need. We stock over 35,000 different shaft sizes, materials, thicknesses and types of fluid seals. Our fluid sealing products are directly interchangeable to brands like SKF, National, Timken, Chicago Rawhide, NOK and other trade-name seals and rings.  From protecting costly critical bearings to sealing internal parts of a gearing system in power transmissions our line of sealing products have the reliability and durability required to maximize the performance of your machinery. We offer every component of a fluid sealing assembly including Piston Cup Seals, Polyseal U-Cups, Radial Shaft Seals like Oil & Grease Seals, Axial Face Seals and Z-Seals.  We also carry a full line of AS568 Rod Wipers and O-Rings, X Rings and V-Rings.  With this huge a stock of seals and sealing rings your sure to find the fluid sealing parts you need when you need them most.  Shop now!