Steel Drill Bits

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In addition to Carbide Drill Bits Mechanidrive offers thousands of general purpose high speed steel drill bits in a variety of materials and sizes.  These drill bits are commonly used on materials ranging from wood, carbon steel, soft alloy steel, plastic, aluminum, brass and copper. The most common drill bit length, called the jobbers-length twist bit is the ideal tool due to its accuracy, strength and versatility in many drilling applications.  We supply countersink drill bits to add small chamfers on the drilling entry, SDS drill bits that use a shaft chuck so they can be mounted and tightened in drill presses and pneumatic and electric hand tools and standard twist drill bits for high speed steel drilling jobs. Standard HSS of High Speed Steel drill bits are the most common type of drill bit in the world today.  They are used in everything from woodworking projects, home improvement jobs, construction and contracting and industrial metal fabrication applications.  Depending on the type of job these drill bits can run at lower high torque speeds or higher RPM speeds like in a NC mill or CNC machine. They come in a variety of point tips and typical 135° and 118° helix angles, multiple cutting lengths, head shapes and protective coatings like black oxide, Tin coatings, and gold coating for the toughest of jobs. Drill styles include: Brad Point, Fractional Sizes, Heavy Duty Gauge, Pilot Point, Reduced Shank, Jobber Length and Screw Machine Lengths. Whatever your application Mechanidrive has the drill bits to get it done fast!

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